BSD #9: ‘Orgazmo’

My Rating: 4 out of 5 Naked Mariachi
Who I think sound an awful lot like Depeche Mode

There’s no escape for you, listener! It’s Orgazmo! Prepare to meet your doom!

It’s only episode 9 of Blast Shields Down, and I decided to inflict one of my favorite movies on the Blasters, Matt Stone and Trey Parker’s 1997 triumph, Orgazmo. Of course, not everyone agreed with my appraisal (*cough* Chris Duncan *cough*).

Joe Young (Trey Parker), a Mormon on his mission in Hollywood, tries to share his love of Christ with porn producer Maxxx Orbison (Michael Dean Jacobs). Orbison instead converts Joe into Joe Hung and makes him the star of his latest film, Orgazmo, about a superhero who and fights crime and makes love to women across time and space with his Orgazmorator ray and trusty sidekick, Choda Boy (Dian Bachar). When Joe discovers Orbinson is using the profits to fund his own organized crime syndicate, he and Ben (a.k.a. Choda Boy) fight back using an actual Orgazmorator that Ben invented and some sweet ass kung fu.

Also starring: actual adult actors Ron Jeremy, Chasey Lain, Juli Ashton, Anna Kazuki, Ivu, Shayla LaVeaux, Jill Kelly, Miyu Natsuki, Mao Asami, Max Hardcore, Christi Lake, Jeanna Fine, Davia Ardell, Jacklyn Lick, Melissa Hill, Serenity, Melissa Monet, Warren Northwood, Barocca, and Nikita.

C’mon, boys! Let’s get real nasty! Spank your ass and get in there!

WARNING: Blast Shields Down film reviews are throbbing with naughty language, infuriating opinions and — in this episode — so many spoilers that we decided to ruin the endings to some other movies in case you didn’t believe us. (You saw Zombieland, right?)

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