The Admirals Club: Cultivating Health, One Face at a Time

Sign up for The Admirals Club this Movember!

Every November 1st, some Admirals Club members shave to a clean face. We remove our beards and stubble to grow a mustache. Others begin the first of 30 consecutive days of exercise, including high-intensity workouts like running and weightlifting and lower ones like walking and yoga. And some do both.

We, as a team, dedicate the month of Movember (moustache + November) to fun, fitness, and health — all of which can be hard to set time aside for the other 12 months of the year. For 30 days, we grow silly facial hair and improve our own health — all to raise funds and awareness of the biggest impacts to men’s health:

  • Testicular and prostate cancer.
  • Mental illness and suicide.
  • Poor health due to physical inactivity and social stigma.

These combined factors contribute to men living 6 fewer years on average than women, leaving behind family and friends way too soon. And in most cases, it’s entirely preventable.

We’re cultivating health, one face at a time. The funds we raise improve testicular and prostate cancer treatment outcomes and contribute to research for cures. We help fund the Prostate Cancer Foundation and LiveStrong’s research, treatment and detection access, and quality of life programs for diagnosed men and their families. We help pay for grassroots mental health and suicide prevention programs, reaching men who would otherwise never seek treatment. We help fund the Movember Foundation’s wellness and fitness campaigns, getting men outside and active, helping them eat better and stop smoking.

And the best part is that, although we start the month looking like clean-shaven babies, we end it looking dapper and feeling fit.

Will your face join ours? Sign up today at

Your Week in Seriously Times: Oct. 7 – 13, 2012

She got into one little fight, and the hotel staff got scared.

Bridal brawls, willies, Sarah Palin, and Halloween costumes — if your pants just got tighter, you’re not alone. These topics got our mongooses frothy over on SeriouslyGuys this week. Here’s the recap:

  • Look out! Here comes the bride, and she’s swinging! (Oct. 8, 2012)
  • It’s not the size that counts, it’s whether you would prefer to enjoy vaginal orgasms. (Oct. 9, 2012)
  • What’s the difference between a starving pit bull in one of those Sarah McLachlan ads and a hockey mom? A fitness book. (Oct. 10, 2012)
  • Take it from Snee: I apply that week in Literary Criticism where we covered psychoanalytical theory into your Halloween costume. (Oct. 10, 2012)

Your Week in Seriously Times: Dec. 4 – 10, 2011

To recap this week’s daily SeriouslyGuys updates:

  • NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell continues his mission to have every artist on his wife’s iPad play the Super Bowl Halftime Show, and this year it’s Madonna’s turn. (Dec. 5, 2011)