BSD Half-Show 1: ‘The Hunger Games’

Trying something new, the Blast Shields Down Film Review Society conducts an impromptu spoiler-free half episode on The Hunger Games. Not content to merely see each other at recordings, the Blasters went as a group to see Katniss and Kompany kill each other for glorious benefit future society and, amazingly, manage not to descend into our own bloodbath afterward.

Duncan read the books, Hubie and I have not, and Dajuan couldn’t make it and was sorely missed. We discuss:

  • Why The Hunger Games is destined to be the next major franchise (in spite of quality).
  • Whether Jennifer Lawrence works as a sixteen-year-old or not.
  • Shaky-cams.
  • The surprising lack of hunger or suspense — but mostly hunger — in The Hunger Games.

But, that’s not all! Hubie briefly lights on Being Human (UK), and we give a brief yea or nay to John Carter.

WARNING: Blast Shields Down film reviews are full of terrifying language and opinions that have not been obscured with cheap camera effects. Listener discretion is advised.

So, what do you think? Should we continue this for the summer movie season? And what about a name? BSD Escape Pod Edition? BSD Captain’s Yacht? BSD [something else because you’re more creative than us]? Let us know in the comments below.

Movies I’ve Sneen: ‘The Hunger Games’

Being one of the few people in the United States who hasn’t read Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games (you can count us on a District 12 coal miner’s hand), I walked into the movie with zero expectations. That’s not to say I wasn’t completely ignorant to the basic story. I knew it was about children forced to fight in a televised death match to make benefit glorious future society. But, I knew I was in the perfect position to rate this film on its own merits.

So, this review is mostly for those who didn’t rush out the first week to see the movie, and let me just say from the outset: holy crap, was I impressed.

Jennifer Lawrence (Winter’s Bone, X-Men: First Class) stars as Katniss Everdeen, a young woman from the Appalachian coal-mining District 12, who volunteers in the place of her younger sister to participate in the Hunger Games, a death match held by the neo-Roman government of Panem that pits two “tributes” from twelve formerly rebellious districts against each other in a controlled arena.

Although some readers of the novels objected to her casting, Lawrence excels in the role so much that I have difficulty recasting it on my lonesome. She is wonderfully emotive, showing very real fear, particularly in the lead-up to the commencement of the Games. Addressing the criticisms of her body-type, her build actually makes her more believable: 1) for looking like an actual (Hollywood) woman and 2) for being able to actually pull a bowstring, much less hold her own against 23 other contestants in a fight to the death.

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BSD #7: ‘The Baxter’

My Rating for The Baxter: 2.5 3 parents cheering for the other guy out of 4
(Revised after Dajuan introduced the possibility that Cecille Mills wasn’t real)

And that man's name? Hubert Motley.

Hubie leads us through Michael Showalter’s The Baxter, which is basically The State in rom-com form, and his assuredly healthy fascination with Michelle Williams. Dajuan also comes clean about his wish for Jason Segel’s career to end disastrously and soon, but with no hard feelings for the man personally. And, my first penis joke comes right out of the gate at 1 minute, 31 seconds. That’s right: my first words of the episode. It’s a new record for Podcasts That Aren’t About Pornography and fitting since I had just turned 30, proving just how much I had grown up.

Hubie (1:25): And fresh from Carousel, identify and rise to meet the newly renewed Rick Snee …

Me (1:31): And then I slipped my big fat cock i–

Hubie (1:35): Okay.

In my defense? I was quoting the movie. That we were discussing, I’ll add.

This is what happens when we record without Chris Duncan, who set up the studio, and then napped off the flu on the couch.

WARNING: Blast Shields Down film reviews are plum full of suspense-ruining spoilers, naughty language, and infuriating opinions. Listener discretion is advised, especially if you’re Michelle Williams.

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