BSD #11: ‘Inside Man’

My Review: 3 4* out of 5 replaced slurs in a cop’s speech
A bit heavy-handed at times, but very compelling and incredibly funny
*See my note at the end why I’ve changed the score

Dajuan hosts Blast Shields Down Episode 11: Spike Lee’s Inside Man, starring Clive Owen, Denzel Washington, the Von Trapp dad and Duncan‘s true cinematic love, Jodie Foster. (This is only the beginning of our ribbing him about it. Jodie Foster’s been in a lot of films, you guys, and she keeps popping up in our picks.)

Clive Owen plays Dalton Russell, a bank robber who is explaining how he has pulled off the perfect bank robbery. NYPD Detective Keith Frazier, played by Denzel Washington, is determined not to let that happen. And Jodie Foster tries to cover up the real goal of the heist, documents that implicate the bank’s owner (Von Trapp, or Christopher Plummer) having stolen Jewish diamonds during the Holocaust. And, hey, look who else shows up:

  • Chiwetel Ejiofor (who you may remember from Episode 3: Children of Men)
  • Willem Dafoe
  • Spike Lee’s boxcart
  • And …

WARNING: Blast Shields Down film reviews are full of naughty language, infuriating opinions, and spoilers, all just waiting to be uncovered with the perfect plan … or by listening through the links below.

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