About Snee

If you’re here, you’re probably looking for a writer. Well, you found one.

As a professional technical and proposal writer, I specialize in learning complicated, technical concepts and explaining them in plain language that resounds with targeted audiences. My goal on every project is to find the emotional connection that’s often missing in technical writing, to reach audiences by understanding their needs beyond some product or service. I examine features and, working with subject matter experts, find the tailored benefit that the audience is looking for. Through this process, I help clients develop documents that are not only readable, but understood and appreciated.

“Rick has unique technical perspective when working on proposals. With his ability to write and analyze and his capacity and interest in technical information, Rick produced numerous past performance write-ups for our group that were some of the best I’ve seen.” — Robert Fox, Fellow Proposal Writer and Editor

I apply my background in data analysis and project management to lead large writing projects involving multiple writers. Using databases, I track metrics on all phases of development, which is critical for high page count, time sensitive projects. I can tell you the exact status for every section and subsection under my purview based on our agreed-on milestones and ensure that no portion falls behind.

“Rick worked for Whim as a staff writer and cartoonist, but his contributions to the magazine went far beyond that. […] Rick was a constant source of great content and new ideas that drove the magazine to publish better work and increase readership. His good humor and quick wit was also an asset; the production office was always in good spirits when Rick was around. I would strongly recommend Rick for any position seeking a creative, thorough, and dedicated individual.” — Jenny Slaughter, Former Editor-in-Chief of Whim Internet Magazine

I also use my background in comedy to write plainly and concisely. “Plain and concise” doesn’t sound like the recipe for humor, but the best jokes are honed and understandable to the intended recipients. If you’ve sat through an unfunny person’s long joke, then you’ll understand.

“Rick is a talented and witty writer who proved to be responsible and mature in his work with student media at Radford University. He is personable and hard-working and was always a team player among our group.” — Tim Jackson, Former Head of Student Media at Radford University

To learn more about my professional history, see my resume. For writing samples, I’ve divided them up into proposal writingonline examples, print examples, and short fiction and poetry. You can also find examples of very informal writing from SeriouslyGuys and other comedy spaces at The Latest.

“I would hire Rick if I could. That is the best recommendation I could give anyone. We worked at The Tartan (I as copy desk chief, he as section editor). He handled egos (like mine) with tact, treated delicate situations (race, sex, international politics, conflicting opinions) with care, resolved problems with the goal and the people in mind and didn’t try to be better than anyone. He just worked to be better at being him. He did his job, knew when the job was done and moved on to the next one.

“I don’t know of more to ask of a person unless you need a kidney.” — Patrick Hopkins, Copy Editor Extraordinaire and first in line for one of my kidneys