Your Week in Seriously Times: Sept. 2 – 8, 2012

Figure 1: Science.

Voice mail, trauma, women, thermal scans, and French condoms — all things that are not made better with booze. Also, they’re this week’s topics on SeriouslyGuys. Here’s the recap:

  • People would rather text after a missed call than leave a voice mail. Who says kids don’t read anymore? (Sept. 4, 2012)
  • Science is trying to figure out why drunk mice can’t recover from trauma. There has to be an easier way to fuck them, guys. (Sept. 5, 2012)
  • Take it from Snee: Part 3 of my ongoing series to unravel the mysteries of women, I take a minor scientific discovery and stretch it for my own purposes. Or, as regular readers call it: the uszh. (Sept. 5, 2012)
  • The Greeks are using Predator-vision to identify drunks. Apparently, wearing a goat on your dick wasn’t obvious enough. (Sept. 6, 2012)
  • Condom Town on Fuck River has their day in court and wins. The French are very serious about the sanctity of names. (Sept. 7, 2012)

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