BSD Half-Show 5: ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

Continuing our Summer of Movie Blockbusters, the Blast Shields Down Film Review Society presents another spoiler-free half-episode* dedicated to Christopher Nolan’s final Batman installment,** The Dark Knight Rises. And never have our opinions been so across the board, from Hubie‘s full-on love to Duncan‘s uvulating hatred and¬†with me somewhere in the middle.

The one thing we agree on? That it’s hard to follow your trilogy’s Empire with Jedi. Also, it’s really, really hard to talk about a Nolan film without feeling like you’re spoiling something.

*Yes, there will eventually be a new full, spoilerific episode on True Grit.

**Although he is rumored to be producing the upcoming Batman reboot that will tie-in with an eventual Justice League movie.

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