BSD Half-Show 3: ‘Prometheus’

The summer movie season continues, and the Blast Shields Down Film Review Society is hunting xenomorphs in our latest spoiler-free half episode about Ridley Scott’s Prometheus. How do the Blasters rate the movie that’s kind of a prequel to Alien, but only for, like, one scene? You’ll have to listen to find out!

(But, seriously, you should probably go see it just so you can get a better idea of what true 3D looks like, unlike the spate of conversions that get thrown into the multiplex these days.)

Also: Hear Hubie give the Internet’s shortest review of Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows.

And … if you’re wondering what happened to Episodes 14.5 and 15, 14.5 was a half-show about Marvel’s The Avengers (that I could not sit in on), and 15 is our upcoming full, spoilerific review of the Coen brother’s remake of True Grit.

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