BSD #14: ‘Serenity’

You knew Serenity would show up on the Blast Shields Down Film Review Society podcast at some point, and it finally did for episode 14. Hubie hosts as we fight a losing battle over who loved Firefly the most, whether this movie wrapped the series up well enough, and if Joss Whedon is as godly as his most strident fans attest. (At least one of us believes he was more hit-or-miss in his earlier career and less the whipping boy for the Hollywood machine than everyone claims.)

Captain Malcolm Reynolds (Nathan Fillion) and the crew of his Firefly-class smuggling ship, Serenity, discover that one of their passengers, a whispy barefoot lunatic (Summer Glau), is actually a government-programmed killing machine. When dumping River and her brother, Simon (Sean Maher), doesn’t work as well as planned, Mal and the gang resolve to survive long enough to find out what the Alliance is up to.

WARNING: Blast Shields Down movie reviews aim to misbehave, what with their naughty ‘guage, ‘furiatin’ opins, and shiny spoilers. Listener discretion would be advisable.

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