A Free Agent No Longer

After months of free range word-wrangling, I’ve been hired to a full time position with TASC and will report to a (ugh) boss in Northern Virginia on May 7th. That means a new job, a move, and all that comes with returning to the world of wearing pants every morning.

So, updates might be a little slow over the next couple of weeks. But, only temporarily. Sorry in advance, but I will make up for it with drinks and passionless, yet convincing sex.

In the meantime, I want to thank everyone for their help with my job search. As the kids who beat me up in front of my mailbox say, “big ups” to:

  • Anthony Stefanacci for continuing to be the Best Man, and his mom, Pam, for her referral.
  • Blast Shields Down, and especially Groonk, for all of their support and friendship. Sorry about complicating our recording process by leaving Huntsville.

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