BSD #11: ‘Inside Man’

My Review: 3 4* out of 5 replaced slurs in a cop’s speech
A bit heavy-handed at times, but very compelling and incredibly funny
*See my note at the end why I’ve changed the score

Dajuan hosts Blast Shields Down Episode 11: Spike Lee’s Inside Man, starring Clive Owen, Denzel Washington, the Von Trapp dad and Duncan‘s true cinematic love, Jodie Foster. (This is only the beginning of our ribbing him about it. Jodie Foster’s been in a lot of films, you guys, and she keeps popping up in our picks.)

Clive Owen plays Dalton Russell, a bank robber who is explaining how he has pulled off the perfect bank robbery. NYPD Detective Keith Frazier, played by Denzel Washington, is determined not to let that happen. And Jodie Foster tries to cover up the real goal of the heist, documents that implicate the bank’s owner (Von Trapp, or Christopher Plummer) having stolen Jewish diamonds during the Holocaust. And, hey, look who else shows up:

  • Chiwetel Ejiofor (who you may remember from Episode 3: Children of Men)
  • Willem Dafoe
  • Spike Lee’s boxcart
  • And …

WARNING: Blast Shields Down film reviews are full of naughty language, infuriating opinions, and spoilers, all just waiting to be uncovered with the perfect plan … or by listening through the links below.


Dajuan: And you notice who enjoyed Jodie Foster the most?

Me: The one who talked about a gun the whole time.

On possible sequels …

Hubie: Some movies don’t need a sequel.

Dajuan: So you wouldn’t like to follow Jodie Foster’s character …

Hubie and Me: That’s a spin-off.

Hubie: They already made it with George Clooney. Michael Clayton.

Me: I think it’d be a good show on TNT. Now that The Closer’s done.

Duncan: I’m not sure that Jodie Foster’s character — interesting as it is in this film — is really cut to be a protagonist in a film.

Dajuan: What about Clive Owen’s character?

Me: Leverage.

Hubie: Oh, so that’s why I like it so much.

Me: Timothy Hutton is an American poor man’s Clive Owen.

Duncan: I think they could spin this off into a television series like Detective (colon) First Grade where like he has to go back to first grade and, like, Adam Sandler is his partner and like they have to solve …

Personal Note:

In the recording, I originally rated this movie 3 out of 5, but looking back on this movie and other movies I’ve rated 3 out of 5, I felt it wasn’t the right score to go with. Ultimately, I feel this movie is as good as — or better than — Ink or The Baxter. It definitely deserves a higher score than Red Tails.

At this point of the episodes, I wasn’t really paying attention to where my scores fell in regards to previous ones, going more with the medical chart for measuring pain. So, scoring-wise, this could mean that I felt like my knee scrape was a 10 on the pain scale when it happened, but looking back, especially after breaking my arm, I realize it was actually a 2.

So, there we go. Inside Man deserved a better score than when I was on the spot during recording. Sorry, Spike.

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