BSD #10: ‘Ink’

My Rating: 3.5 beats out of 4
What if your high school production of Godspell knew kung fu?

It’s Episode 10 of Blast Shields Down, and Duncan tries to keep us in line while we discuss obscure indie film, Ink. Good and evil, in the forms of the Storytellers who bring good dreams and Incubi who truck in bad dreams, fight over the soul of a little girl who has been kidnapped by a mysterious wanderer named Ink.

Topics range from how more money may or may not have helped, whether bad dreams are bad, and how a single Craftsman toolbox can destroy the suspension of disbelief, no matter how many polyvinyl sheets you hang up.

WARNING: Blast Shields Down film reviews are nightmarishly full of naughty language, infuriating opinions, and spoilers. But we’re not evil … yet.


Duncan: Oh my. The things we get on tape.

On visual effects (or, the Craftsman Toolbox Debate):

Dajuan: But, do you have to have $50 million, or $150 million, put into a movie to make it a good movie?

Me: No.

Hubie: Michael Bay has proved this many, many times.

On the obvious Biblical references:

Me: Well, they’re the stories we grow up with.

Dajuan: Right.

Me: You can’t get away from them, no matter how hard you try.

Hubie: Hell, they’re the stories we’re still seeing in movies today.

Dajuan: They’ll just be recycled.

Me: It doesn’t matter how hard-edged I try to make my porno comics; The Pokey Little Puppy always shows up.

Hubie: That should be your porno name.

Me: The Pokey Little Puppy?

Hubie: The Pokey Little Puppy. What is PLP into today?

Duncan: PLP. Wasn’t that a Michael Jackson song?

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