BSD #8: ‘Ghost in the Shell’

My Rating: 4 exploded heads out of 4
I was a big fan of the Zapruder.

Dajuan, who has no Web presence as far as his wife knows, hosts our discussion of Ghost in the Shell, the other Japanese animated film* you’ve seen besides Akira. Major Kusanagi, a member of Section 9 with a mostly robotic body, pursues The Puppet Master, a criminal who no one has seen that can hack human beings. Meanwhile, we use our mostly human bodies to decide the difference between souls and ghosts (as they figure in this movie, not in your grandma’s attic). We also bounced around some suggestions for controlling New Japan’s basset hound infestation.

One fun game to play is to count every time the term “yin and yang” are mentioned, which reminds me …

WARNING: Blast Shields Down film reviews are chock full with suspense-ruining spoilers, naughty language, infuriating opinions and — in this episode — lots of audible cuts because we originally talked about this movie for over 2 hours. Special thanks to Duncan for whittling it all down to an hour.

*Does anybody call it “Japanimation” anymore? Is that racist now?


Me: If I were a living computer program …

Hubie: You’d go to Japan?

Me: I would go to Japan. If I was looking to be recognized as a person.

Dajuan: But you’d be hacked to pieces.

Hubie: I’d put a piece of myself over there. In Japan.

Me: I think I would be more likely to, you know, get recognized as a person in Japan than I would in the United States where everyone’s still afraid of Skynet.

Hubie: True. Yeah.

Dajuan: I think you’re correct.

Hubie: That trope — I’m getting real tired of, in American cinema, robots taking over everything …

Dajuan: Now, I can explain what that trope is: it’s colonization. It’s the fear of colonization.

Hubie: Like zenophobia?

Me: It’s like fearing your girlfriend’s gonna cheat because you’ve cheated on her.

Duncan: I hate it when that happens.

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