Your Week in Seriously Times: Jan. 15 – 22, 2012

Bald Barbies, dead pedestrians, Turkey, porn and poo — is it any wonder that 20 percent of us are a little (5 percent, very) crazy? Here’s the recap from SeriouslyGuys this week:

  • Sure, a bald cancer Barbie might be cheaper by cutting out hair production. But, how much do you think a pink Malibu Dream MRI Machine is gonna cost? (Jan. 16, 2012)
  • Hip-hop has moved on from killing rappers. Now it’s killing listeners. I would’ve made a joke about rock n’ roll suicides, but nobody’s gonna miss the rock artists that survived heroin and the ’90s. (Jan. 17, 2012)
  • Knowing he already planned to drop out of the race at the end of the week, Rick Perry decided to get in a few shots at Turkey before slipping into obscurity. (Jan. 18, 2012)
  • America the Institutional: The New York Department of Health believes 12 teenage girls at a high school outside of Buffalo are suffering mass hysteria, and yes, they’ve already ruled out their periods. Meanwhile, an annual national survey says 20 percent of Americans are a little crazy, while 5 percent of us killed and ate our surveyors. And then take CNN’s new quiz to determine if your boss is a psychopath. It’s only up for a limited time before the next CNN Girl quiz is posted. (Jan. 20, 2012)

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