BSD #6: ‘The Fall’

My rating for The Fall: 3 morphine pills out of 3 morphine pills
Three is all you need.

Duncan hosts Episode 6, in which the Blasters tackle The Fall from director Tarsem Singh. If you just asked, “Tarsem who?” you may know him from Immortals and The Cell.

Lee Pace (the Piemaker from Pushing Daises) plays a stuntman who broke his spine while making a movie back in the silent movie era. While recovering in a Los Angeles hospital, he meets Alexandra, a little girl who broke her arm while picking oranges. He begins telling her a story about a masked bandit and his band of fellow outlaws as they fight the evil governor who stole their lives. The charm of the movie, though, is that while he is telling the story, we actually see it through Alexandra’s eyes, including her misconceptions.

If you haven’t seen this movie, yet, I recommend doing so before listening because (a) it’s really good, and (b)

WARNING: Blast Shields Down film reviews are practically silly with suspense-ruining spoilers, naughty language, and infuriating opinions. Listener discretion is advised, though more fun if not used.


DaJuan: I love me some Marmaduke.

Hubie: Immortals, which is coming out 11/11/11 …

Me: Or as the ancients call it, Super Yahtzee.

Me: Well, Catholicism has a long-standing history of not doing what they’re supposed to.

Hubie: Catholics, send your hate mail to

DaJuan: And he was the Monkey King because …?

Hubie: Because he was the king of monkeys.

Duncan: Did you see how that works?

Things I Wish I Had Said:

Duncan: Can you think of a film in which, seeing this, someone says, “This reminds of [fill in the blank]?”

Me: While there are a lot of parallels to Pan’s Labyrinth, this movie is very Terry Gilliam-ish. The look of the characters and their quirks, the humor which can be simultaneously dark and childlike, it reminds me a lot of The Adventures of Baron Munchausen. Like the Baron, the Masked Bandit has his band of super-powered misfits who are accompanied by a little girl interpreting their story (which may or may not be actually happening).

And this is why you don’t podcast hungover (which also explains why Duncan had to keep asking me for my two cents).

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