Your name is Richard: A thought experiment

Let’s say that, like me, your name is Richard. There are several nicknames that float around for Richard: Rich, Rick, Ricky, Richie, multiple variations on those based on vowel preferences, Ditch (if you saw Terminal Velocity), and, finally, Dick. Maybe I’m wrong here, but it’s generally an acceptable practice to …

If the nerd frame glasses fit ...

Is the pope ironically Catholic?

It’s OK if Pope Francis subverts Roman Catholicism as we know it because he’s Italian. Even though he spent the past 76 years being from Argentina.

S**tting is how Salieri prefers to avenge affronts to his life’s work, but peeing works for minor slights.

The pee is for pliability

Besides growing teeth, scientists have discovered a lot of ways to use piss. Here’s the obvious stuff they missed, though.